“CHANCE” is an online poem that makes use of iteration and/as constraint in order to present an interactive homage to Stéphane Mallarmé's famous “Un Coup de Dés…”. By (re)combining the words from the page on the screen, in its digital negative, the poem (re)appears in yet another type of faux-organization exploring the limits of randomness and sense-making already crossed by the French poet.

While throwing the dice, the reader is invited to take her chances, creating a singular version of the poem, reshaping the original words in an ever-changing 12 verse rendition. The rules of the game are pre-determined, following a simple equation: each verse will be composed of three words formed by a specific number of letters corresponding to the number in each dice + the sum of the numbers on both dices. The results, however, as with all games, will never abolish chance.